Personal Logo

Who Am I?

My name is Emma Walker and I am a web developer, a designer, a musician, a cook and much more. I have many roles and many interests and sometimes it is a handful to quench my thirst for it all. However, I have learned to live life in the moment and never let any path go untraveled. I am an adventurer and a lover of new experiences. Whether it be sitting at my desk working on various web and digital design projects, spending an hour at the rock climbing gym, or drumming until I can't feel my hands, I am always up to something!

What's Up with the Turtle?

Well, my family is the most important part of my life. Due to our annual summer vacation to Holden Beach, a turtle sanctuary in North Carolina, the Walker family adopted the sea turtle as our mascot. The sea turtle now follows us everywhere – stuffed sea turtles on our cars’ dashboards, glass sea turtles decorating our home, and now a sea turtle I designed myself representing my brand and my values.